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General statement of amazement or disgust.
"Holy shitballs, Jim! Did you see her ass?"


"Holy shitballs, those are some nasty-ass pubes."
by Justin Herbert July 18, 2007
A sexual act wherein a male ejaculates on a female or male whilst the ejaculatee is jumping. The main objective of the "move" is to hit the ejaculatee with the ejaculate whilst the ejaculatee is in midair.
"That bitch tried to jump out the window before I could bust my nut, so I White Falcon'd her in midair."

"Damn, yo."
by Justin Herbert January 05, 2008
Unfavorable breasts. Refers to the male or female bosom.
"Jesus, Jim. That whore has horrible shitties."


"Jim, your dad has shitties."
by Justin Herbert July 18, 2007
Literally, sexual dexterity. Sexterity can be gained through sexual experience(s), or in some cases, pharmaceuticals.
"Man, getting with Nadine gave me mad sexterity!"


"That Viagra really gave me the sexterity to go all night."
by Justin Herbert April 10, 2009
An uppercut-style punch to the groin or genital area.
"Danny came off hard so I gave him a nutpercut that shut him the hell up."
by Justin Herbert January 17, 2009
Generic replacement for Mountain Dew that one shouldn't purchase. Mello Yellow is considered generic as it is not Mountain Dew; despite it being produced by Coca-Cola. Most Mountain Don't's are produced by individual supermarket companies.

Characteristics of so-called Mountain Don't's include flat taste, lack of effect, and blandness.
Heee Haw (Hy-Vee), Citrus Drop (Kroger), Kountry Mist (Winn-Dixie), Mountain Breeze (Safeway), Mountain Lightning (Wal-Mart), Mountain Lion (Food Lion), Mountain Maze (Albertson's) and Moon Mist (Shasta/Faygo) are all Mountain Don't's.
by Justin Herbert April 10, 2009
Pronounced (KEY-ten) is slang for Asian takeout or buffet food. Khitten comes from the rumors suggesting stray cats are an integral component of Chinese food.

Analogous to mystery meat.
"So, did you go to Super Wok last night?"

"Yup. The fried khitten was delicious."
by Justin Herbert April 10, 2009

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