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The punanni aka Twat-Slot ... A femals sex hole which allows rigid objects to be stuck in.
"There is too much weiner here, call some punanni over."

"I would eat punanni for 25 cents"
by Justin Grant March 14, 2005
1 -Vagina that smells one of a dead walrus.
2 - Hoobastank
3 - Usually occurs when the girl has no personality
4 - Minimal care of the hygene in the private region
Reilly: I was talking to Amanda no personality last night and managed to get her over for a touch.
Grant: How did that go?
Reilly: She had a smerdy reeba!
Grant: A what?
Reilly: It smelt like a dead walrus! Good enough?
Grant: You poor thing.
by Justin Grant March 14, 2005

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