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A freakin awesome Video game made for the Playstation. Involves samurai fighting and one hit kills instead of hit points. Is addictive.
"I'm bored. I'm going to play bushido blade"
by Justin Ellsworth August 23, 2007
The song title of the 2nd intro to the anime series "Death Note". Song is written by Maximum the Hormone. The song is a metal song and song in Japanese.
"Dude, this intro is WAY better than the first! I'm glad they chose "What's up people?" to play in the intro now."
by Justin Ellsworth August 23, 2007
The condition in which the collar in the back of your neck is raised enough to show your neck tie. Usually, the sufferer is oblivious to this predicament and is a deacon in the LDS church. Can be cured be simply lowering the collar and covering up the neck tie.
"Hey, Joey's got Deacon's Disease! Let's fix him up!"
by Justin Ellsworth August 23, 2007
Best college in the world. Was once called "Ricks College" One of the three BYU schools with the other two being in Provo (Which is the more popular one) and Hawaii. This school is located in the small town of Rexburg, Idaho surrounded by the glorious Grand Teton mountains. 99% of the student population is LDS (or mormon)
"BYU-Provo may be the church's school, but BYU-Idaho is the Lord's school"
by Justin Ellsworth August 23, 2007

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