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noun - A wet mark, especially in the shape of the area between the labia majora, made when a female sits naked on an absorbant surface during intercourse, or in a state of sexual arrousal.
"In her rush to get dressed and look innocent, she didn't notice the tell tale pussy print on the bed after she was finished watching porn and masturbating."
by Justin Butler November 17, 2003
noun- Derrogatory synonym for "vaginal secretion" dirrived from the first letters in the words, "cunt juice"
"She was so horny her CJ soaked right through her undies."
by Justin Butler November 17, 2003
nown - An especially large pungent and fowl smelling pile of fecies that cause a warm, or hot sensation in the rectum and upon exiting the anus. This sensation is usually caused by the remnants of a spicy meal.
"You probably should wait about a half hour before going in there. I just dropped a stanley steamer in the toilet that could peel the paint right off the walls."
by Justin Butler November 17, 2003

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