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3 definitions by Justin Acton

someone who is born with a bent penis
Dude, that guys got a dick like kotzy!
by Justin Acton November 05, 2006
the act of dropping the clutch in a manual transmission car from a standing start, resulting in tyre spin, smoke and tyre marks left on the surface where the "bag-up" was done. Usually done to impress people or as a way of releving anger.
did you see that massive bag-up i did on the way out of the party last night?
by Justin Acton November 04, 2006
How many girls at one time a man can call one for sexual favours. Commonly used in the phrase "Ive got board!" or in the question " Do you have board?"
Amy, Jess and Hayley are my board!
by Justin Acton September 10, 2006