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a house on the complete downfall. Originally had kick ass kids who knew how to party like James, Sirius, and Remus..but now are inhabited as such pussies as Ron and Hermione. Fred and George were their only hope with their childish menial gags and jokes, but look at that, they up and left. Gryffindor sucks, and if Harry wasn't such a crybaby bitch he could be living it up in Slytherin right now.
Rowling makes Gryffindor win all the time because she doesn't want to make pussy children upset that only the strongest survive.
by Justin December 03, 2004
A mark (ring) in your jeans where u keep your skoal. (chew, dip)
Wow, he has a wrangler skoal ring in his pants. He must like Mr. Dips.
by Justin August 10, 2004
A person that can't find their own ass with two hands and a map.
Sean Morrell is a fucking coner
by Justin April 08, 2005
Breeding ground for the Redneck population of Tennessee. Some consider it the Redneck Captial of the South. Most of her residents prefer their hair short in the front and long in the back, a Tennessee Tophat if you will.

Many a roofer have found their way here in search of gainful employment with moderate success.
Pam: We gon get us a biscuit and a pepsssi down der at Arnge's Market on Bear Waller. They got the best biscuit's in all of Ashland City.
by Justin April 19, 2005
being totaly new at somthing and being really bad at it too
i faced this one noob in paintball and i totaly wasted him.. but it was fucken funny when he started to cry. he was a noob beyond noob.....he was noob sauce
by justin June 17, 2004
A mustache.
The faggot swept off the cock he sucked with his dick broom.
by justin January 19, 2003
Acronym for Adult Baby... see infantilism, adult baby
"Hey dude, why are you wearing a diaper and playing with that rattle?"
"Duhhh, cuz me is a AB 'toopid head!"
"Oh cool... do you need to be changed?"
"Cooooo" ^.^
by Justin March 17, 2005
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