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A vapid little cultural bubble in the bastion of Liberalism that is California, populated by detached and clueless soccer moms in white suburbia, who support politicians like Diane Feinstein when they propose hairbrained ideas such as the Assault Weapons Ban. Mainly because they figure that since THEIR neighborhoods are clean, safe, and free of crime, that EVERYPLACE in America must be so, and therefore nobody needs guns.

Orange County Preppy: "This is how we do it in tha O.C.!"

Me: "Ooh... scary."
by Justin January 15, 2006
how I describe the place I live
How do I get to your house?

Just drive until you can't see anything resembling civilzation. Then you're in BFE and my house is the one on the left.
by Justin September 27, 2004
when ur drunk....
Came from J-kwon Tipsy
Listen to the song Tipsy by J-kwon

another example...me at a party...
by Justin July 14, 2004
Any car that I drive is a chick car because I am a FAG
When other guys are driving chick cars it TURNS me ON!
by Justin December 01, 2003
A sleeveless jacket.
I cut off the sleeves to my jacket, which makes it a jerkin.
by Justin March 06, 2005

Where (|) represents the whole ass, ( represents a POA.
gigglygirl2323: OMG 11!!!1 WTF HA IS SO HOT!11! OMG LOL I WANT 2 HAEV HIS BABEIS AL TEH TIEM1!!1!1 LOL

gigglyfriend3333: he is. (
by justin February 26, 2004
balls per second, as in paintball
a gun that shoots 17 bps can please any girl!
by justin June 27, 2004

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