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402 definitions by Justin

To stick ones testicles on anothers chin.
Hakim Warrick of Syracuse just teabagged Royal Ivey from Texas on the way to their National Championship.
by Justin March 21, 2004
18 51
A wonderful person. A nickname for someone with teh first name Megan.
Megan Miller is the perfect example for Meglee the Meglodon...i love you megan ;-)
by Justin November 04, 2004
4 38
song sung by our lady peace used for chris benoit as his theme
but whatever you need
whatever you got
whatever you want
i'll take back again
by justin August 18, 2004
9 43
This is what you have to resort to when ya aint getting any play at the club that night. It especially helps if you live on a farm and have your own chickens thus you dont have to trespass on someone's property to get lovin from their poultry.
I bet Foghorn Leghorn gives some hella fine chicken head...

Yah..I know he's a rooster..use your imagination
by Justin July 05, 2004
11 45
have the ability to sing to sections in a choir
The bisectional singer sang both bass and soprano
by Justin April 27, 2004
27 61
my next door neighbour
wtf is chung doing in the house next to me?!!?!? o wait he is my neighbour!
by justin October 12, 2003
13 49
Blank clueless look.
Homer Simpson getting ripped of by Moe for the Flaming Homer. Spends all night looking blank and clueless, saying 'Moe, Moe, Moe..'
Met a few Indian co-workers with that clueless 'Moe' look from Homer Simpson.
Me Asking a question to a Moe co-worker:"Hey just start up notepad"

Co-worker: blank clueless look "what's notepad?"
by Justin March 15, 2005
41 79