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Having brutality.
Hey Suzy Shortcakes, I listened to Severed from www.severedband.com. They sure are brutal.
by Justin July 13, 2003
short for cooch, this is the term used for a woman's vagina.
Jizabelle likes to put whole baseball bats in her fishy, bloody coo.
by Justin March 14, 2005
Substitutional word for almost anything.
As ussed for cigarettes, diet paps (Sodas), doo doo browns, and or sexual related fun and or motions.
"dude lets go smoke a pow pow"

"Sir would you be at all bothered if I stole your girlfriends pow pow, for I am parched."

"Man, did I ever get some sweet pow pow last night whils I waxed that ass!"

**Be creative with this word, and have fun with it.
by Justin March 26, 2004
My bedroom
my bedroom is a hell hole
by Justin February 13, 2004
when u take shit from ur ass and u smear the shit on ur frends face so it looks like a hitler mustache
guy: hey kid u got some crap there
butters: sir, that wud be my face
by justin December 22, 2004
a drunk slut
Jessie Glod is a Skunk
by Justin January 12, 2004
A transvestite, shemale, or whatever you want to call it.
I thought that chick was hot until she pulled out her dick, she's just another dumb chick with a dick.
by Justin October 30, 2003

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