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402 definitions by Justin

My bedroom
my bedroom is a hell hole
by Justin February 13, 2004
A reference to pornographic material made by nerds on the internet.
d00d, d035 j00 h4v3 pr0n und3r y0ur b3d?
by Justin October 11, 2003
Having brutality.
Hey Suzy Shortcakes, I listened to Severed from www.severedband.com. They sure are brutal.
by Justin July 13, 2003
A word often used to descirbe the sweat that accumulates around your genitalia....
"Boy I need a shower, my moak smells horrible"
"Is it hot in here or is that just the layer of moak around my testicles.."
by Justin February 03, 2003
Any form of Asian. From this forms a game. If you locate an Asian and exclaim "duckie!" you are allowed to punch a friend of your choice.
Hey, check it out! Duckie, duckie! *punch punch*
by Justin April 11, 2005
A transvestite, shemale, or whatever you want to call it.
I thought that chick was hot until she pulled out her dick, she's just another dumb chick with a dick.
by Justin October 30, 2003
Name give to only those who are lower than the lowest thing you can think of. Think of the last thing you would ever want to come in contact with, times 100,000,000.....000. Also refered to as a "Jesse Marino."
Jesse is a Scumfuck.
by Justin November 24, 2004