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402 definitions by Justin

To end up having a gruesomely hideous cosplay. Usually given to male crossplayers
If you're going to go as Sailor Moon, make sure you don't end up pulling a man-faye.
by Justin November 21, 2003
The feeling about 25 minutes after finishing a bowl.
Justin: 'Whoa, I need some vanilla wafers and some of that stuff with the cheese and......that thing your mom made last week.....and, what was i doing?'

Theis:'I don't know, man, but i want some of that stuff my mom made last weekwith the cheese.....'
by Justin October 14, 2003
the act of engulfing one's self with deodorant body spray in lieu of actual bathing or showering
I'm out of soap, so I guess I'll skip the shower and just take an axebath.
by Justin January 22, 2005
1) Pertaining to the sock you jack off in at night and leave under your bed

2) Derogatory term for anyone who sucks, also see Douchbag
1) "ahh dude my mom found my jizzbasket"

2) "I cant believe Robby screwed my girlfriend, what a jizzbasket"
by Justin July 25, 2004
Savior of the world, a democratic socialist
Dranakin will soon save everybody, using direct democracy.
by Justin July 20, 2004
Originally used in the hacking language now by ignorant noobs and veterans, the vets refering to hacking, the noobs just being idiots.
vet: ! |-|4><0|2 _|00|2 80><0|2
translation: I hacked your computer
noob: 0mg i'/\/\ 50 |-|4><0|2
translation: oh my god i am so hack
see the obvious differences
by justin June 28, 2004
Used in Hawaii for a greeting, or if one person is stuned about a situation!
Ho bu hows you bah?
HO BU That faka gave one false crack to dakine!
by Justin April 12, 2004