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402 definitions by Justin

originating from Sexy Tigerish, it is usually used to define anything that is incredibly attractive or Sexified
wow he is freaking Veverka
by Justin October 10, 2004
A type of Fairy. Can have either gay meaning or could stand for a unusual friend.
That kid is such a brydor.
You're a brydor man.
by Justin October 15, 2003
A french canadian, who wants to be a gangster.
Pass me the screw driver Sergizzle
by Justin October 14, 2003
To bang Justin like never before. Jabongga him. Do it hard.
I love Bangin Justin.
by Justin March 02, 2005
Sirius, the dogstar, a star in the Milky Way Galaxy. Also The band Keanu Reeves played base in.
Keanu rocks in Dogstar; That is Sirius, the dogstar
by Justin February 25, 2005
A 3-way telephone call where all 3 people in the conversation are using the Vonage VOIP telephone service ( www.vonage.com ).
Last night, I was part of a fun Vonage-a-trois with Chris and Sarah.
by Justin February 15, 2005
One who is so accepting of penis that it warrents an association with a powerful truck.
David is a huge cumtruck.
by Justin January 27, 2004