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A word descirbing the appearance of a woman's worn out, tired ass vagina.
Damn, that bitch had a fuckin' catcher's mitt! Yeah, she was nasty, but fuck it, ya know?
by Justin May 04, 2004
A short-tempered male with a large head. Thinks he's a Gansta.
Damn that Ohnmeiss! He's one crazy son of a...he be actin' all like a Gansta but he jus frontin'
by Justin December 02, 2003
something that is very strange or stupid. Odd, not quite right.
The first time I saw one of those tiny European 3-wheeled Mr.Bean cars I said: "Well thats just dicky, look at the dicky car!!"
by Justin February 25, 2005
Sirius, the dogstar, a star in the Milky Way Galaxy. Also The band Keanu Reeves played base in.
Keanu rocks in Dogstar; That is Sirius, the dogstar
by Justin February 25, 2005
Shit Goose (n) - One who comes to a party without liquor, or anything else to share with the population at large. Also notorious for drinking too much and getting sick in all the wrong places (your parent's bedroom).
That Shit Goose Vince is coming over! Hide the liquor!
by Justin January 11, 2005
you just got fucked in the ass meaning you just got told
((you just got f'd in the a))
by justin April 13, 2004
a pessimistic way to say "cigarettes" It refers to the shocking truth that when you smoke you are slowly allowing yourself to get cancer...
Joe: "hey mary could you pass me my cigs?"
Mary: "I don't see how you can use that cancer in a box"
by Justin June 05, 2005

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