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A verb meaning to artfully mess with; to adjust; to "mess up" something that is too neat. Often applied to hair, sleeves and other bits of fashion but, with imagination, nearly anything can be tjuzed.

Also tjuzed, tjuzing...

Popularized by the TV show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
Oh my God, your hair! Did you join the Navy? Here, let me tjuze it for you.
by Justin September 02, 2004
A missionary whose primary tool is one of music, using songs to spread the Gospel.
The musicianary is singing songs about Jesus with those tribal leaders.
by Justin June 01, 2004
A word descirbing the appearance of a woman's worn out, tired ass vagina.
Damn, that bitch had a fuckin' catcher's mitt! Yeah, she was nasty, but fuck it, ya know?
by Justin May 04, 2004
you just got fucked in the ass meaning you just got told
((you just got f'd in the a))
by justin April 13, 2004
a pessimistic way to say "cigarettes" It refers to the shocking truth that when you smoke you are slowly allowing yourself to get cancer...
Joe: "hey mary could you pass me my cigs?"
Mary: "I don't see how you can use that cancer in a box"
by Justin June 05, 2005
A young person that which is sexually inclined to an adult.
Justin who is 19, likes Scott who is 28.
by Justin March 06, 2005
Phizzle comes from the english word telephone meaning phone
Cizzle izzle yizzle Yoizzle cizzle phizzle? foizzle shizzle mizzle nizzle
by Justin October 15, 2004

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