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The female counterpart to the ninja.
1. The ninja went home to his ninjina.

2. "Dude, that ninja had boobs!"
"Nah, that was a ninjina."
by Justin January 14, 2005
Typically a gay male trying to pass himself off as a straight male. Usually dresses and loves to be ghetto fabulous. In the gay world is not an attractive look.
Chris is so ghetto gay
by Justin May 26, 2004
To hate desktop keyboards and big fat CRT monitors.

To hate not being mobile.

To wish someone were in your lap.
Gees, I'm a laptopfreak.
by Justin March 08, 2005
Commonly used phrase by those of Hispanic decent demonstrating that they are putting all they have into the statement they just made.
"i nailed brenda last night"
"no you didn't"
"put thaaaaaaaat"
by Justin February 11, 2005
current world heavyweight champion and former evolution member
orton beat benoit for the title at summerslam and for those actions triple h, ric flair and batista beat the living hell out of orton
by justin August 17, 2004
something that is very strange or stupid. Odd, not quite right.
The first time I saw one of those tiny European 3-wheeled Mr.Bean cars I said: "Well thats just dicky, look at the dicky car!!"
by Justin February 25, 2005
A legend With many aliases;
G.F.Y, Negative creep, Suicide samurai …..ect.
Man 1: Hey Darvell
Darvell: sup
by Justin February 14, 2005

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