402 definitions by Justin

A word used to describe a fatass motherfucking cunty ugly bitch that wants your balls in a jar on her desk.
" That bitch is a fuckin Hoesbeast"
by Justin November 24, 2004
Your best friend after he sells your ass out for his girl, a little bitch or also known as cole.
cole has on pussy blinders
by Justin February 13, 2004
someone who is a bafoon or idiot
that dingle dick ruined my blender
by justin March 30, 2005
a fucktard who doesnt know shit, a shitty leader and a disgrace to the human race
wtf bush is a dumbass
by justin March 17, 2005
Used to define one's extraordinary large or thick penis. Originates from the thickness of the breakfast meet it's named after. Meat being another slang for penis.
Click here for tripple x canadian bacon.
by justin March 27, 2005
The ultimate of utimate compliments for having a huge dick. Sometimes refered as Stonerock.
After I banged Paul's mom, she said I had a stonecock.
by Justin September 01, 2004
When an individual relieves their bowels on the back of their partner(s) neck(s). The deposit will then smear down the back and create lubricant for backdoor action.
She/he wanted to try something new, so I introduced her to the South County Canoe.
by Justin April 19, 2004

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