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Observing airplanes and logging the numbers. Generally involves standing around in bad weather, watching the tracks. A British hobby. Similar to trainspotting.
Oi! Me and Tommy are going to head down to Heathrow and do a bit of planespotting! Perhaps we'll spot Concorde!
#trainspotting #british #concorde #heathrow #plane spotting
by JusticeSalmon October 26, 2005
The mess left over from holiday celebrations. See also Christmess.
It only took us 10 minutes to open our presents, but it took us an hour to clean up the glee debris.
#dec 25th #christmas #christmess #glee debree #dec 26th at target
by JusticeSalmon December 28, 2005
The middle seat in the last row of the plane, usually across from the toilets.
I am so far back in line, I'm practically in seat 29E.
#airplane #continental #middle seat #last in line #toilet
by JusticeSalmon December 21, 2005
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