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A punk is actually someone who generally does not give a fuck what people think. they Anti-Society and Anti-Goverment. The birth of punk was late 70's and early 80's with such bands as the sex pistols. People tend to think of Blink182 as punk, and they would be right in thinking so. This is because it is. Granted it is a short cut way of saying it, it isn't true punk, punk but is a form of punk. Nowadays people describe for example Blink182 as punk because it is Skater punk rock because it is generally anti-social. Skinheads and Punks do not get on, understand they are not compatable. True Punk isn't dead it's just having a nap, by true punk I mean the main trunk of the tree of punk which spawned branches to things such as skater punk, new age punk ect.
It is a generally bad idea to piss an old skool punk because they WILL play by their old skool rules, by not giving a shit and basically to cut it short give you a bad headache the next morning, simply by kicking you in.
Chav: Look at his focking boots and fockin chains (they laugh)
Punk:(Looks up and starts to walk towards the chav that spoke)
Chav:Begins to look to his friends to help stick up for him.(No reply)
Punk: (Shouts) C'mon on then you little shit!
Chav: Shit (Walks off briskly)
by Justice1 December 04, 2006

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