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1) An affectionate and playful term white boys use for the black girls they date. Frequently used with "hot" and to suggest a particular fondness for black women.

2) Something a lot of white guys wish they had, but only a few of us will admit it.
1) Marty: Chantelle, we've gone out a few times now, and I really think we have something here...will you be my hot black girlfriend?
Chantelle: Of course I will! Now come over here and show me what ya got, white boy.

2) White women are crazy. I need to find a black girlfriend.
by Justice Walker April 26, 2008
A state of anger brought on by being underpaid.
I just found out my salary is 20% below market. I've got some serious minimum rage.
by Justice Walker April 13, 2008
A group of individuals attempting to make decisions while drunk. Often leads to an extremely bad decision, or more likely, no decision at all.
We were going to order a pizza last night at the party, but the beeraucracy couldn't reach a concensus on toppings.
by Justice Walker September 17, 2008
The partial numbness of the buttocks that results from long car trips. Causes the sensation of your ass being one with the car seat. Named for the Buick line, as the suspension in these and other large sedans tends to amplify the effect.
Bob: You know, after driving for the last four hours, I feel as though I've become one with the car. Is this Zen?

Larry: Nah, it's just Buick butt.
by Justice Walker March 12, 2009

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