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A person that engorges their personality with Goth, death, and negativity. They are usually seen embalmed in black and grey clothes with eyeliner smeared around their eyes, lips, and nipples. They often listen to punk and thrash music and frequently talk of committing suicide. 99 percent of the time they never actually commit suicide, but many wind up in the hospital with scratches on their wrists or a stomach full of Advil. They also tend to pierce their bodies with more metal than is in my car's radiator.
I wish those skank dragons would cheer up, their lack of excitement is giving me a softie.
by Justice Served August 21, 2008
The question a man asks a woman when he needs to know if she prefers vaginal or anal.

A different way of asking a woman if she's got a turd stuck in her ass, usually asked by a butt fucker.

The question a gay male asks his gay male partner before they engage in homosexual activities. Often followed by gay slave butt sex.
Jim: "Wow. Your body is really turning me on!"
Jill: "Really big boy? How about coming over to my place?"
Jim: "Alright then. Stink or pink?"
by Justice Served August 21, 2008
Sexual position in which a male hides a dildo in the covers approximately the same size as his penis. After foreplay and some missionary sex, the male convinces his female partner to indulge in doggy style sex. At the speed of light, he quickly pulls his dick out of her pussy and replaces it with the dildo. Without her knowing, he surprises his partner with a full contact anal thrust.
"She didn't know what was cumming until I used the quarterback sneak on her ass."
by Justice Served August 21, 2008
Any person who wears dark clothes and paints black lipstick around their facial features. They are dying for attention and constantly try to be "different" while at the same time bogusly claiming that they are "indifferent". Some of them think they are vampires or some real-life death fairy. They often carry an emergency suicide kit consisting of a Mach 3 razor, a bottle of Advil, and dental floss to hang themselves.
The Goth look was popular in late 80's and early 90's but fell to the wayside when wiggering came into style.
by Justice Served August 21, 2008
The lie that global warming is 100% man-made so that Al Gore and fellow cronies can cash in on "green" energy production and redistribute the world's wealth through industry-killing taxation. Also total disreguard for the number one cause of global warming, THE F*@#ing Sun!
Man, my paycheck is really slim since 50% of it funds the global warming hoax. My conscience is clear now that I am poor like the rest of the world.
by Justice Served August 30, 2008

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