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A great fake name to give a substitute teacher (sounds like fellatio--get it?).
Substitute teacher: "Who is that boy making a penis out of modeling clay?"

Student: "Oh, that's Phil. Phil Atio. He's going out with Connie Lingus. You should send his ass to the principal."
by Justanotherwoodchuck November 27, 2005
Fake name students give to substitute teachers.
Substitute teacher: "Who is that girl shooting spitballs?"
Student: "That's Connie. Connie Lingus. You should send her ass to the principal."
by Justanotherwoodchuck November 27, 2005
1) A pathetic little twig that's left on the Christmas tree lot on Christmas Eve.

2) Any pathetic-looking thing that might possibly be redeemed with some love.
1) I have no money, so I'm going to wait until Christmas Eve and get me a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

2) Everyone told Muffy that her computer geek boyfriend was a loser, but now he's pulling down $100G a year--turns out he was a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.
by Justanotherwoodchuck November 27, 2005
1) The best Thanksgiving special ever (but are there any others?)
2) When you don't feel like shopping, cooking, and cleaning for a week so you just say fuck it, run through the convenience store with $20, buy anything that looks good, and go home and eat it off the good china.
College Student 1: "You going home for Thanksgiving break?"
College Student 2: "I have a 54 page portfolio due in literacy next week. I'm gonna go live in the library and do a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on Thursday."
by Justanotherwoodchuck November 27, 2005
The act of intentionally inserting incorrect and amusing information into wikipedia entries.
I edited the entry on Jean-Baptiste de Rochambeau to say that he lost both testicles in battle, and as a result rose through military ranks by winning the nut-kicking contests that now bear his name. Can't wait until some kid includes that fact in his paper on the American Revolution. Wikipiracy is awesome!
by Justanotherwoodchuck August 29, 2007
A BJ that actually involves humming--who knew?!
Hummers make me feel inadequate--any woman who can hum The Star Spangled Banner while giving a BJ and not burst out laughing is more of a woman than I.
by Justanotherwoodchuck November 26, 2005

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