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An effect of current international police-states, where innocent individuals are abused by police and other military organizations. Essentially, these organizations create an imagined enemy out of ordinary innocent people so that espionage and authoritarian police tactics may be practiced by those belonging to these organizations. They are legitimated as "community policing," and individually, as whatever is convincing. For example, a Christian will be told that a person being harassed is anti-Christian, those seeing police as favorable will be told a person is a subversive or criminal, etc. so that it becomes justifiable that a person is harassed and abused by these organizations. Those taking part in these activities have been brain-washed from a young age to believe that if people do not practice these techniques, society will plunge into a dreadful anarchy. Their proof usually consists of people working for these organizations committing crimes to justify pervasive "policing." In reality, real crime is never stopped nor blatant. In fact, most members who commit crimes are at some point recruited into these policing groups covertly, even while still committing crimes.

The goal is simply to have society function as a military base. Those who are not involved in these groups are easily able to see the dangers and tragedy of such a society, whereas those involved, like the Nazis who took part in war-crimes, are not.
Current life of gang-stalking in North America.
by Justaguywithamindnotarmies July 15, 2012
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