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1. The anger felt when one is unable to jism,
2. The anger felt when one wants to initiate sexual intercourse but cannot due to numbers of people present (parents/children/animals/unwanted guests/etc), weather, partners mood or hormonal situation.
3. The anger felt when one has received a sexual favour but has not jizzed due lack of effort or skill of partner.
Stacy: Whats up with Kevin he seems in a bad mood
Jody: Don't worry about him he's just got jizz rage, he hasn't bust a nut since last tuesday we've been so busy since moving house what with everyone visiting and all.
Kevin: (from in front of tv) Yeah so why don't you just fuck off Stacy so i can give jody that pearl necklace i mentioned!
by Justa small trump April 10, 2007

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