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Ini is something very interesting...she is not a person but she is not a thing...she is blond but she is not innocent...she is not clever but...she is not beautiful...she is just one girl who has too many problems but seems to want to live her happy life!
well...spavki sa6o:)
by Just_a_bulgarian_girl May 03, 2005
The most popular style of music in bulgaria in this moment.It is based on the bulgarian folklore and,in some parts,on the greek and turkish music.Although a lot of people think that the texts are cheety it is not true!Now in this popular industry are introduced a lot of money and it became extremely successful.Now there are a lot of singers who use very well-writtn texts.
Lie,only lie,our love was an ilusion...A play and vanity,you don't have the right to do this...
by Just_a_bulgarian_girl April 30, 2005

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