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The act of getting head while you happen to be on the road
Dude I was driving home last night and I got rodome from lily

Dude no way so did we

Dude sick!
by Justthatguy July 13, 2012
A sour cream beaner is a slang term for white mexicans. While ethnically hispanic, skin just happens to be light. May be mistaken for caucasian by people who cannot identify race. Usually are given away to be hispanic because of names that many identify with latinos, such as "Garcia', or "Lopez".
Person 1: Why are you dating a white girl?

Hispanic Guy: She's not a white girl, just a sour cream beaner.
by JustThatGuy June 04, 2009
A syndrome that occurs in females who were attractive for the beginning part of their life, but after high school/college, their bodies burned out and now are considered below average on the male attraction scale. Opposite of wine syndrome.
Person A: Great to be here at the high school reunion.

Person B: Hey, isn't that Angela over there?

Person A: Man, she's disgusting now isn't she?

Person B: She must suffer from cheese syndrome
by JustThatGuy June 03, 2009
That anti-air dragon punch move used by the "Shotos" in the Street Fighter series. Despite having almost legendary status, it really is just throwing an uppercut and jumping in the air. Try it at home. You can probably do it. Its not really that amazing in practice except on online matches/arcade machines.
Bad Shoto Player: I'm really good with Ryu! Hadouken! Hadouken! Hadouken!

Veteran Street Fighter Player: Stop fireball-spamming! (jumps over fireballs)

Bad Shoto Player: Haha you jumped! Shoryuken!

Veteran Street Fighter Player: (Proceeds to shoryuken uppercut nOOb until he runs his 12-year old ass out of the room.
by JustThatGuy June 03, 2009

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