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3 definitions by JustMe2904514216


1. When you are so much of an ugly, retarded whore, that someone must describe you as all three in this one simple word.

2. When you are a girl with a Vagina that is bacteria infected, STI infected, or just gross looking. Then that cunt would be retarded. Hence: Cuntarded.
Example for Definition 1;

Spencer: I saw a girl that was a whore, and she was slow too!
Ashton: Was it Lauren? I head she was really cuntarded.

Example for Definition 2;

Britney: I saw that girl in the shower last night, and her vagina was so disgusting. It had pimples, and smelled like shit.
Lauren: Man, that must have been one cuntarded vagina.
by JustMe2904514216 December 11, 2011
88er; A Lesbian. The number '8' is referring to a pair of breasts. The number '88' is referring to a pair girls having sex, with their breasts pressed together.

88ers; A lesbian couple.
Tim: Woah man, that one girl is totally a Lesbian!
Rob: How do you know she's an 88er?

Tim: Because she has a buzz cut!
Rob: And? It could just be how she likes it.
Tim: Well look at that, she's making out with....
Rob: OMG! That's my sister!
Tim: That's hawt, 88ers.
by JustMe2904514216 August 02, 2011
This means that you are 100% straight, but would let a man suck your dick, or a woman eat you out because it feels awesome!
Tim: Wanna be friends with benefits?
Rob: No dude, i'm straight.
Tim: OK? And? You could be biflexable.
Rob: ...?
Tim: You are straight but would let me suck your dick because it feels good.
Rob: I never thought of it that way. Ok, as long as i dont have to do anything to you.
by JustMe2904514216 May 18, 2011