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A phrase used when one is amused by an action, statement, or question. Originates on a farm in the mid-west of North America. Turkeys are fracking hysterical, therefore, the sound a turkey makes expresses the amusement of the speaker.
Loddle Loddle
by JustDucky July 19, 2010
Surrogate pooper: A person who is designated to poo for you through their own rectum. Surrogate poopers are sought after and requested to come to the aid of friends after anal surgery when surgeons tell the rectally challenged to continue to have "normal" bowel movements after their anus has been surgically altered (this function has the pain equivalent of delivering a baby through the anal canal). A patient's surrogate pooper is one of the most altruistic individuals in perhaps the entire world.
After anal surgery, it beneficial to find a caring friend who is willing to be your surrogate pooper while the area heals.
by justducky February 08, 2014

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