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Girls who are a hoe/whore/slut/ anything in that frame of mind. They can travel in packs of two or three. Usally in one's. They wear revealing outfits most of the time. The one's you should really watch out for are the undercover bummie's who pretend to be sugar and spice and everything nice.In truth there just another bummie.
Girl 1:

Hey where's your boyfriend?

Girl 2:

Oh, he's just out with some of his friends

Girl 1:

Careful now you don't want him out with some Bummie's down the lane
by Just saying June 27, 2008
A person who hate's on chris crocker and spends time putting him down. Even though it's stupid because if you really didn't like him then why bother spending your "valuble" time and write or say things about him. They usually have issue's with themselves or don't have a life. and more so sipping on hateraide and munching on hater-tots
This is a conversation between two chris crocker hater's

Hater One : I hate chris crocker !

Hater Two : SAME !

HAter One :

Let's waste our time and our lives, lets go on an urban dictionary and rant on him casuse were hating!

Hater Two : GREAT IDEA !
by Just saying June 27, 2008

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