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Small Suburbian City in the Greater Seattle area of Washington. Known to be full of stuck up rich bitches and stuck up rich tough guys. The girls wear so much make-up they look like barbie-dolls. If they have straight hair, they curl it, if they have curly hair, they straighten it. Most of the girls are fake they pretend they're so modest and hate fake people, when all of them are fake themselves. The guys can be just as bad. Skinny jeans, odd cluttered jackets. The guys are tough and act tougher. Drugs and Alcohol are just another day for them, and if you don't do it your a pussy. 50 foot drop with a Bike? Just another day, won't do it? pussy. They think everyone but them is a gay little pansy. But away from these people there are decent people out there. Little neighborhoods scattered around the Plateau are run down little houses. Where decent people can live. Nice, Real, people can be rich or poor, It just so happens that money turns most Sammamish kids downhill. Not everyone is a rich snob, just most of them.

Play a sport? You better as hell be the best at it. On the best team around, or you suck. You'll be critized until you want to die unless your on the absolute best team. The constint influence from all the bad kids, makes you wonder why everyone in Sammamish isn't dead.
Rollin down the street is a $70,000 Lambo, next to you is a '92 toyota, barely running. Starbucks around every corner. You could stop for one every morning, or you could be treated with one every month or so. 40 year old men drinkin coffee talkin on their cell phone with there fancy bluetooth headsets. Then theirs the little kids running around with their mom down at Bartell Drugs lookin for candy. Fake people, Nice people, Fake people who pretend to be nice, Nice people who fake to fit in. All kinds of people in Sammamish.
by Just another kid March 08, 2007

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