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To the post above me, Definition 147.

We are not Antichrists, and we are not satanists. Atheists don't believe in any higher power, and that includes not believing Satan. We don't worship things we don't believe. Calm down dude. o_o

I would also like to point out your Hypocrisy.

You are the one who is complaining and whining, and essentially being the hateful one here. Look at what you wrote. Look at how hateful your words are towards us. Isn't Christianity supposed to NOT be so hateful? o_O

And there are so many Atheist vs. Christian debates and arguments, and not against Islam or Hinduism, because they aren't the ones who attack our views. You guys did.

My friend, you have the wrong impression on most Atheists. I am an Atheist myself. It is my choice to not believe in the existence of God. Like, half of my friends, my good friends that I like hanging out with are religious. But I don't mind that. Also, all of the Atheists that I do know are nothing like how you think they are.

Seriously, look back on what YOU wrote, and see how you are the one who is being hateful and prejudice towards us, and is the one who is complaining.
I am an Atheist. It is my choice to not believe in the existence of God and other entities. Why all the hate?
by Just a passive Atheist June 25, 2009
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