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1. A woman who, because of anger issues, a stressful situation, or, more commonly, hard PMS, flies into a psychotic rage and destroys everything and anything in her path. Thus, she has changed from a woman to a psychotic bitch.

Note: A good indication that a woman will become a psychotic bitch is a cold-blooded threat. Find any excuse to get the hell outta there.
Threats and Odd Questions & Statements of a Psychotic Bitch:
- "I'm gonna rip your balls off with my bare hands!"
- "Why is there a pen cap and no pen?"
- "Who put all this water in the pool?"
- From an obviously slender woman: "Why won't you have sex with me? It's because I'm fat, isn't it?"
- From the same woman, who's also been married for 10 years: "You don't love me... you just wanna screw me!"
- "If you ever cheat on me, i'll stab you with a spoon!"

All of these end with the woman breaking SOMEONE ELSE'S expensive shit.
by Just Tired December 04, 2009

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