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A 19-year-old teenage celebrity girl who actually acts like a normal 19-year-old. She is often misunderstood because of her clothing choices. Has an amazing voice but is often put down for having dated Nick Jonas (a member of the Jonas Brothers band). People expect her to be all goody-two-shoes and an ass kisser for her role on Hannah Montana, a hit Disney series. Has dated the likes of Nick Jonas, Justin Gaston and (is still dating) Liam Hemsworth.

Often compared to other Disney stars such as her fellow friends Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. People have called her a 'slut' and a 'whore' for what she wears, which I personally think is stupid because clothes don't define who you really are.

Has an amazing curvy body which if I had, I would've been proud to have. People call her 'fat' for not having a stick-thin body like Selena Gomez does. Was bullied when she was younger and is still continued to be bullied with all the hate and the name-calling.

Stop hating on her. Before you try to bring her down and call her all these hurtful stuff, please make sure you have your own 3 albums and have 5 records on the Guinness Book of Records. Stop hate. Radiate LOVE.
by Just Love November 17, 2011

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