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Sputtery, disgusting type of crap where you blow your hole out. The toilet is then filled with bits, often requiring a double-flush. Can also be used as verb.
I had the squitters after eating that prune pie.

Last night I had 6 hotdogs, a bag of doritos and a 12-pack of Natty Light. This morning I squittered my brains out for two hours.
by Just Joe September 07, 2003
A log. Crapstick usually refers to the long and straight variety of logs. Different from a splat or the squitters. (Once used in a book by Jack Kerouac.)
I built a raft out of crapsticks and sailed the mighty Merrimack.
by Just Joe September 07, 2003
Like choad and taint, this word describes the wonderland between a person's genitalia and a-hole. "Shag," because it's hairy, and "nasty," because, well, look at it!
My shagnasty is itchy again. Can I borrow your fork?
by Just Joe September 07, 2003
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