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The all-time greastest disgrace to the male species. Someone who makes James Blunt's "Beautiful" sound like something that won't make your ears bleed. Justin Bieber-someone who's so called "pubes" are adorably swept to the side. The fact that this "boy" sounds like a cow in labor is the overstatement of the century let alone the era/millenium.
Timothy: How's your day been so far?
John: Ugh, it sucked. Maybe the worst I've ever had...
Timothy: Really? That bad?
John: Yeah, the WORST. A real Justin Bieber day.
Timothy: Ooh, one of those? I had a Justina Bieber day once, I got a divorce, lost $1,000,000, and I had my dick cut off.
by Just Insucks January 23, 2011
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