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When a man is experiencing liquiballs and the skin of his scrotum adheres to the side of his leg and/or taint with a superglue like bond. This effects causes said man extreme discomfort making it impossible for him to sit still without awkwardly and obviously adjusting his junk. Shaving the scrotum dramatically increases the stickiness of sticky sack.
Bobby unintentionally forfeited the job opportunity when the attractive female HR representative caught him adjusting his wicked case of sticky sack.
by Just Cuz December 19, 2011
When a man's testicles descend as low as the skin of the scrotum will naturally allow, causing the testicles to act in the same manner as an overweight girl's large boobs when she lays on her back. In addition, the testicles continue to move even when said man remains perfectly still, preventing him from ever becoming comfortable. While the name may infer sweaty balls, perspiration if not a factor with liquiballs.
Bobby was able to make the best of a tortuous case of liquiballs by displaying a record setting bat wing to his unsuspecting girlfriend.
by Just Cuz December 19, 2011

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