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When one receives a blow job while sitting on the couch watching ESPN's top ten plays while simultaneously eating Buffalo Wild Wings covered in Buffalo Wild Wing's own Blazin' sauce, after driving to pick up the wings in his own Cadillac. Hence the prefix, "Caddy". (Note- The one receiving the "Caddywamp" HAS to be sweating from eating the wings, as to add to the love/hate relationship of recievig a cadywamp. Also, the number of wings has to be no less than six but no more than 24. To ensure that the blowjob does not last too long and the blowjobee (one giving the blowjob) does not tire out the jaw muscles so they to will be able to enjoy the delicious and delectable Buffalo Wild Wings)
Dude! Last night i got myself a caddywamp from the chick next door! But im still not sure if i loved it, or hated it.
by just a bro January 01, 2010
Stands for-Just A Bitch, or Just A Body. A Jab is the kind of girl you hook up with when you aren't looking for a relationship. Using her for "just her body" and not getting emotionally attached, not getting her number, and possibly not even her name. Phrases for hooking up with JAB girls are "you down for a Jab?", "Want to throw some Jabs?" or even just a quick jab on the girls arm will do. If she Jabs back, shits goin' down.
Guy 1. "Ayy whats good bro?"
Guy 2. " Nothin' bro, I just broke up with my girl so I've been out here bangin' JAB girls that I'll never talk to again!"
Guy 1. " Bro, all girls should be JAB girls"
Guy 2. "Amen!"
by Just A Bro April 26, 2012
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