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1) Something so incredibly nuts, that it can only be testicles.
2) Something contained in an extremely awesome sack. Ie; nuts, or balls.
Man, that flip was sacktastic!

This team is incredibly sacktastic.
#sack #sacktastic #nuts #balls #awesome
by Just Like A Disease May 21, 2009
1) A large excretion.

2) An adjective used to describe a Red Shirt Character.
3) Somebody in your group of friends that is 'Just There' in the sense that you barely know, and/or speak to said person.
Ex 1: Oh my god, I just dunloped in your bathroom.

Ex 2: Poor Dunlop didn't even know what hit him.

Ex 3: Who the hell invited Dunlop to the party?
#dunlop #red shirt #excretion #poop #bathroom
by Just Like A Disease May 21, 2009
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