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A terrible and unoriginal new show starring two girls who can't dance to save their lives. Their jokes are lame, overused, and uninteresting. They also have an overused laughtrack and they're on a hit dance show called "Shake It Up". Totally original, right? And it's on... you guessed it, Disney channel. This show is a perfect example of the crap Disney had turned into. I beg you, don't put yourselves through immense torture by watching this pathetic excuse for comedy.
Girl 1: Did you watch that new episode of Disney channel's new show "Shake It Up" last night?
Girl 2: NO way. My sister watched it and she still has nightmares. Like I'll put myself through such torture. Disney channel is terrible now, I cannot sit through one episode without rolling my eyes or sighing in exasperation or thinking "when is this going to end?"
Girl 1: ... Agreed.
by Just!Gina November 30, 2010

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