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The nickname for Wyandotte,KC. An area of ruthless niggas who groove 24/7.
Bro them niggas in the dotte be bank'n
by Juss Marvelous April 07, 2006
Nicknamed K-town or Killa City.Wyandotte,KC .Rival to the Bay Area.The most ruthless city for all yall busters who sleep'n.
the biggest gangs and most violentin Kansas city are Westside 29st, westside23st, florencia 13, sur13, folks, southdale bloodz(SLOBS), crips, latin kings, brown pride, black power, spanish diciples, vice lords, C-13, S.M.O.G, 18st, south side,Parkwood,5th st,51st, Quindaro
by Juss Marvelous April 07, 2006

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