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2 definitions by Jurgis Rudkus

n. A pejorative used to describe Republicans and members of the Tea Party movement. Common characteristics of pugs and baggers include light pigmentation, a whitebread middle-class up-bringing, a proud tradition of ignorance, a curious obsession with guns, a false sense of patriotism, a misunderstanding of Christ's teachings, a blind eye for fascist and religious authoritarianism, a dislike of blacks and Mexicans, disrespect for the natural world, and a propensity to uncritically embrace as truth anything broadcast on the Fox News channel.
Dude: That right-wing liar Andrew Breitbart sure is an asshole for trying to make Shirley Sherrod look like a racist.

Dude II: Yeah, but don't expect the pugs and baggers to condemn him. They still view him as a hero for that shit he pulled on ACORN.
by Jurgis Rudkus July 21, 2010
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(v.) The curmudgeon’s online equivalent to glitter bombing. The act of attacking someone on a blog or website comments page without warning or provocation just because you’re a bitter old bastard that has absolutely nothing constructive to add to the discussion and you enjoy being a complete dick.
We were having this really engaging online debate the other day until that douche bag “4skin” showed up and begin bitter bombing everyone. Yeah, that pretty much killed it.
by Jurgis Rudkus December 19, 2011
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