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a last name for a norwegian person people with vinje as there last name are the best humans alive they can deafeat anyone single handely
i wouldn't wanna fight that kid his last name is vinje
by Jurazz January 09, 2008
A boy who doesnt know when to stop usually attracked to someone who looks like the guy from everybody hates chris usually brags about how much better his clothing is then a different kid
wow ross has turned into a maddix i walked in to his room yesterday and saw him jacking off to everybody hates chris
by Jurazz January 09, 2008
1. when there is a man with an erection infront of you and masterbaits until he cums all over your t-shirt and you walk around with a white stain.

2.when a man with an erection masterbaits and cums in a glass then splashes it all over you
1.did you see carol at the party last night? she had a cock stain

2. run he's gunna give us a cock stain!
by Jurazz January 09, 2008

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