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A cynical person who works in the back room of Wal-Mart, wasting his/her life away unloading trucks and trying to find a reason to be motivated. Usually very sarcastic and spiteful.
Funloader 1: "i'm having so much fun at this job that I'm going to start telling people that I'm a Funloader instead of an unloader"

Funloader 2: "that will never catch on man"

Funloader 1: "just shut up and keep funloading the truck"
by JurassicJake August 10, 2010
1. One who frequently administers blow jobs. Derogatory.

2. One who delivers blow jobs in such great numbers that they could be considered to do so on a professional and/or commercial level.
Jacob: Look at this fucking blow jockey...
Daniel: She smells like marines.
Jacob: Like I said...
by JurassicJake June 20, 2012
Another way to refer to the grundle.
John tried to kick me in the asshole but it went south and tore up my manama canal. So tender.
by JurassicJake March 26, 2016

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