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Peculiar to Perthshire, Scotland.

When you fall asleep at a party/gathering and a bunch of your mates run in naked and jump on you shouting "sex police!!" in a extreamly high pitched, camp German accent.

Almost always happens when there is no girls at the party/gathering.
Potter: "Rams, Ewan's fallen asleep. Wanna sex police him?"
Rams: "Haha, aye alright."

*2 minutes later...

Rams and Potter: "Sex Police!!!!!!" (Jump on Ewan)
Ewan: "Arrrgh! Aw naww!"
#perth #sausage fest #no girls #wasted #potters house #what happens when nobody can have a wank
by Jupiterthecity May 29, 2006
A not hideous, but not exactly stunning girl that despereate guys will end up pulling just before a night club shuts at three (hence quarter to three) because they haven't pulled anyone else or they are wasted or they are having some form of compitition with thier mates.
Guy 1:"Aw man that girl was such a fucking A Quarter to Three last night!"

Guy 2:"Urgh I know, i was wasted..."
#wasted #night club #sleaze #easy girl #the union
by Jupiterthecity May 29, 2006
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