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4 definitions by JunosGold


1. The innate ability to know when you're "...just too old for this shit". Sometimes spelled "graydar".
My "Greydar" kicked into high gear the moment I pulled into the health club parking lot, so I headed to the bar instead.
by JunosGold September 04, 2011
That brief moment just after a guy discovers his date is menstruating when he seriously considers going ahead anyway...
It had been days since Johnny had gotten any and Janie's tight little body was a serious TAMPTATION.
by JunosGold May 29, 2012
to encourage one to engage in oral or vaginal sexual activity with a woman during her menstruation cycle.

Derived from the English "tempt", which is defined by Dictionary/com as: "entice or allure to do something often regarded as unwise, wrong, or immoral."
Man, her tight little body really TAMPTS me tonight.
by JunosGold May 29, 2012
A polite way to describe a woman's emotional state during that monthly "special time".
"Goodness, Janie certainly is moody today."

"Yes, she is. She's having another TAMPESTUOUS day."
by JunosGold May 29, 2012