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Very good. Off-shoot of money and silly.
That throwback jersey is bazilly.
by Junkie August 26, 2003
Performing really bad.
Kordell Stewart's performance in the game last night was Struggalicious.
by Junkie August 26, 2003
Thedge is thedge and thats all i can say about that
Thedge is a fucking loser if i ever saw one hes 22 living at home and pretends hes american on irc.
by Junkie August 06, 2004
The best drink ever because it has cocaine in it.
by junkie August 17, 2003
the coolest chick ever. rocks the glasses and a funky style. watch ur backs fools.
oh shit, here comes super rin
by Junkie March 01, 2005

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