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Mental; not quite all there. Acting mental. Not thinkin' before acting. Weirdo. Doing stupid shit that makes no sense...like without thinking. Not acting very bright. Meant not as a compliment but as a wake up and start thinking with your brain type of comment.
I dunno what to tell you man. That boy is a few french fries short of a happy meal..that's fo' sure!
by Junipersmile April 02, 2007
A girl havin' a really good orgasm. Often used when it's a result of self-masturbation(via toys), but also sometimes used when it's from havin' crazy wild sex. It's called the funky chicken because it's so wild, she's getting all crazy with her body like she's having a seizure or somethin' as she is cumming..
..and you KNO I was doing the funky chicken afta you called...'cause you got me so worked up! Dayum boy!
by Junipersmile April 02, 2007

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