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anything over a C-cup
Marty picked up a large breasted c*ck-sucker during his bird hunt.
by Junior January 05, 2004
Slang word for Chicago Heights, IL. A small south suburb of Chicago. One famous resident was infamous mobster Al Capone.
Isn't Jimmys in chi heights.
by junior March 08, 2005
a pudgy and smug jerk
That guy thinks people like him, but everyone thinks he's a binghole.
by Junior August 31, 2004
the sasquatchuan hairs that protrude from the taint area, often catching fresh dingleberries
My tainticles trap dingleberries like a venus flytrap.
by Junior November 26, 2004
Krunk is the purple cartoon character on "Justice Friends". "Justice Friends" cartoon is a spinoff of "Dexter's Laboratory" on Cartoon Network. Krunk is a spoof character of The Incredible HULK, in-that his skin is purple and wears tattered green pants. He also has an overabundance of muscleature and is simple minded. He enjoys watching the show, "Puppet Pals". His full title and name is: The Infraggable Krunk.
"Justice Friends"

This is a true story of three super heroes, picked to live in a house, and have their lives taped. To find out what happens when they're done saving the world...or not. The Justice Friends premiered as part of Dexter's Laboratory in an odd twist of the traditional super hero genera. A mix of the classic Super Friends and MTV's Real World, brings us the daily ins and outs of being a hero, even when they're not that super. Val Hallen, the Viking god of rock n' roll, Major Glory, an all-American hero, and the Infraggable Krunk all join forces to face one thing: daily life.
by junior December 14, 2004
any group of men that has been rejected from the new york police department on numerous occasions, probably for lack of testicles. These men then band together to form their own police department, the sopd, and pride themselves on stealing taps, making college kids cry, locking up greek life members, ticketing jaywalkers, and basically just being wastes of life.
Yup, the sopd screwed me over yet again- can they just kill themselves and get it over with already?
by junior February 25, 2004
Imagine those funny monsters high, it`s like watching Stonesmurfs
Ash? Misty? come on, dont tell me you dont see the relation...
by Junior October 31, 2003

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