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a 6.5" sausage as opposed to the shorter bratwurst or German sausage which is a mere 5.3" long on average. The Irish sausage also has a thicker base, for more sensation when it passes thru the lips (either set).
She really enjoyed the Irish sausage after years of bratwurst and other German sausages.
by Junior January 05, 2004
Pittsburgh slang for anyone irritating, out of line, not in love with the Steelers or not drinking Iron City on a regular basis.
Yinz gonna go donton to watch the Stilers at Lenny's and drink some ahrns or go sit wit the jagoffs and watch football at Chubby's.
by junior November 19, 2003
Bay area slang for far away or too far away.
Bruh, can you take me to Vallejo?

FUCK THAT, NIGGA! Vallejo is fuckin' DEEP, I ain't takin' you to no fuckin' Vallejo!

Come on, nigga, I got gas money!

You better have fuckin' Burger King money too, sheeit.
by junior December 14, 2004
A punk ass scrap tryin to be hard.
I'm going to blast that fuckin sewer rat for being on norte territory.
by junior April 06, 2005
any place that claims to be a non-profit organization, but really charges $35,000 a year and in return gives uncooperative professors, broken laptops, unprofessional professionals, and gladly hands you over to the sopd
Seton Hall just screwed me over again.
by junior February 25, 2004
When a person defines themselves or proves that they have a history of overcomming adversity proving their knowledge of the street and has the ability to hold themselves and their image as a person of the ghetto whether their of color or not.
This mexican kid frum cali has earned his ghetto pass.
by Junior May 24, 2004
to perform fellatio, that is, to suck dick.
There is some debate as to whether the object of your affections, that is, the suckee, has to cum.If the sucker performs poorly, then the suckee or recipient is not going to get off
She gives excellent head. I became gradually more aroused, then came after about 10 minutes.
by Junior January 08, 2004

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