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Anyone with pert, squeezable buttocks, most commonly found in bars or pubs in Plymouth where the term originates.
"DAMN, what an Ibby" *squeeze*
by Junglekid December 03, 2006
Also a term used to describe a homo

i.e a girl who is 'partial to pussy'
"yeah I'm a steph"
"are you?!"
"yup. tell you mum to come get her underpants, she left them under my bed again"
by Junglekid December 03, 2006
A word used to describe a girl who's mother you have slept with.

It is used as a slur if the mother in question gave you an infection and/or AIDS
"Yeah thats Steph, her mum mate, corrrrr"
"yeah man, dirty how well gave me crabs though"

by Junglekid December 03, 2006

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