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an incredibly fat and delicious pair of female butt cheeks; an ass so fat it can sprain her ankles, yet so delicious looking you don't want to use a fork and knife to eat it.
Wow! Eric, listen to this... Last night I ate this mofongo so good, it had to have been baked in a brick oven!
by Jungle Junky April 21, 2010
(scientic name: tiburon/boxeo) a rare species of half shark, half junky found in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico; Native to the Tampa Bay area, box sharks typically migrate in the summer to the sand bars of Treasure Island Beach, FL; Here, the box sharks spends the entire summer mating and following trails of drifting lettuce until a pod of baby hippos are located; Baby hippos make up approximately 99% of the box shark's diet, with 1% being sand dollars and starfish; throughout the year box sharks frequently ride the Florida Gulf Stream down and around peninsular Florida to prey on the marine life of South Beach and Biscayne Bay. For two and a half decades, the baby hippos of Central and South Florida have neared extinction because of the primitive Tampa Bay Box Shark.
Brent, where did that baby hippo you were feeding go? I don't know man, she went underwater to grab me a starfish... what do you think could have happened?! A Tampa Bay Box Shark is what happened, I'm sorry bro.
by Jungle Junky June 14, 2010
the opposite of aggressive/ambitious sex; although the man's penis may be fully erect, his entire body remains in a comatose state; during intercourse the female may reach her orgasmic peak but the male very well may have been incapacitated for over an hour
Damn Brent. This chick won't stop talking about the birthday present you gave her, what did you give her? Nothing special, I think? Just some lazy dick and a milkshake, I don't remember?
by Jungle Junky June 14, 2010
Describes the dangerous and mysterious line that connects Tampa, FL - Miami, FL and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The spear also creates the bottom side of The Bermuda Triangle (aka The Devil's Triangle). For decades the Salazarian Spear has notoriously been associated with the vanishing of wildlife animals such as the baby hippo, the baby rhino, the starfish, whale sharks and fuzzy sand dollars. Much like the stories of the Bermuda Triangle, popular culture has attributed these disappearances to the paranormal or activity by extraterrestrial beings. But further field studies have shown that the Salazarian Spear is strikingly similar to the migrational patterns of the Box Shark. Recent evidence has shown that schools of Box Sharks have been seen following drifting lettuce as far south as the Caribbean Islands, thus supporting the strange connection to the Box Shark and the Salazarian Spear.
Hey Fausto.. Ernesto, did you guys see today's front page headline?! "Flight 305 from Tampa to San Juan, Disappears Carrying Local Cheerleading Team. Scientist Blame The Salazarian Spear."
by Jungle Junky January 11, 2011
Abbreviation for the term ("I ate her lunch and wrinkled her school clothes"), which refers to the practice of delivering cutalingus and acidently ejaculating on her ensamble.
Alex hold my drink real quick, I'm going to over to caddy's. Why? Alex, I am going to wrinkle her lunch.
by Jungle Junky June 06, 2010
The abbreviation for the scientific term Junky-Auto-Pilot. Junkies (a.k.a. junker, junks, Team J) have the rare and unexplained ability to not only work and interact amoungst normal civilians for long periods at a time, but also carry the unique ability to reak social night life havoc for up to 72 consecutive hours at a time. It is at some point during this period that J. Pilot is activated, and it is at that point where no baby hippo is safe. Studies have shown that over 92% of baby hippo poaching is the result of Junky Auto Piloting.
Ernesto, is it weird that we woke up at Fausto's house with lettuce all over the floor? Ohh nevermind, I remember hitting the J. Pilot button last night. Damn it.
by Jungle Junky September 01, 2010
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