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2 definitions by Jung Hwa : )

variant of geegee/gg, can be used in a variety of situations..
pronounced geh-geh.. either as one.."gehgeh!" or slowly "geh ..geh" or "gee gee"
"u stupid fkn noob.. gehgeh!"
"dam i fkn PWNED!!! gehgeh!"
"wtf? me hack? STFU gehgeh!"
"wtf u only got 4/10 for the exam? ahh! gehgeh!"
"u mean ur dad isn't really ur dad? thats gehgeh!"
by Jung Hwa : ) March 31, 2004
adj. short for gosu.. can be used in next to nearly any situation..
a hot car drives by "oh gos gos"
ur friend gets 1024 ram "what a gos cunt"
ur dad buys viagra "fk ur dad's gos now"
u hit the lecturer "fuck i'm gos"
a granny walks down the street in a miniskirt "oh my, she's looking quite gos"
by Jung Hwa : ) March 31, 2004