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3 definitions by Junaid Malik

A women whom wears the rapex device for illegitimate purposes. Usually to cause serious bodily harm to men or sue innocent men after entrapment.
Stacy:"well im dirt broke,so im going to put on a rapex and let Bob have his way with me. And once it goes on his junk i'll call the cops and say he took advantage of me."

Nancy:"You fucking rapexual!"
by Junaid Malik February 12, 2008
British term for popcicle.
"eyyy raman your penis is like a small icelolli"
"awee man"
by Junaid Malik November 08, 2007
A punjabi word for someone that is sexualy promiscuous with the other sex, and is open with such acts to the general public.
"eyy sehroz, I slamed that girl"
"wow, what a rundhi"
by Junaid Malik November 08, 2007